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Download the Tri-State MS Brochureto the Tri-State Multiple Sclerosis Association web site. Tristate.ms is a regional site representing southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and western Kentucky. Tristate.ms grew from the need and desire to increase the health, resources, and welfare for persons afflicted with MS.

This website is dedicated to providing information, education, and support for persons and their family members who are afflicted with multiple sclerosis.

Call 866-514-4312 or 812.423-5943
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Dear Tri-State MS Association Friend,

Beckie and her husband Dane were expecting
their second child. They had an active
eight year old,
Cain, at home and life was good! Then, Beckie started experiencing
some numbness and tingling
from head to toe on her left side and severe neck pain.

With Dane working full time, they needed family and
friends to help with day-to-day
chores. Soon Beckie was hospitalized and the family asked for prayers and
for what was causing these strange symptoms!
Finally the diagnosis came: it was
multiple sclerosis.
The family had so many questions, but their first concern
was to
deliver a healthy baby boy, Gabriel (Gabe)! As soon
as Beckie was back on her feet,
she headed to the Tri-State
MS Association office.

We still remember the day we met Beckie! The office was
busy with volunteers
stuffing the monthly newsletter. Todd,
a pharmactical representative, was dropping
off information
when Beckie walked in. She started to share her story, and
our faces
lit up! We had been told about Beckie and were
asked to pray for her and her family,
but we did not know her name.  Now, we were able to hug her and offer her the support she was seeking. Today, Beckie, Dane, Cain and Gabe are
very much part of
the Tri-State MS Association’s extended
family. They attend the family and adult
weekends, educational
programs and participate in the Autumn Walks. Recently,

Beckie and her boys shared with our Board of Directors how important the Tri-State
MS Association is to her and her family.

Thanks to local support, our association, established in 2001,
has touched the lives of
thousands of families living with
multiple sclerosis like Beckie’s. Whether the
family has
faced an urgent need, sought to improve the quality of
daily living for their
family, or needs someone to listen
to them, we are here. The Tri-State MS
Association is
your only local resource for information on MS. We exist
to serve you
and your loved ones – to offer support, care,
and hope…right here at home!

Please make a gift today to provide local support for those
living with multiple
sclerosis and their families. If you would
like to make a donation in honor of a
“Friend, Family or
Family Member”, please provide that information with your
 donation. We will acknowledge your gift in our monthly
newsletter and to the

We are grateful for the continued support of friends in the
tri-state area. Your support
has played a key role in our
success, establishing the Tri-State MS Association as a

leader in providing services to individuals living with MS
and their families.

Debbie, Linda, and Susan